The BEE of Marketing



We are fine, we don’t need marketing! A statement much heard by any marketing company. If you are one of those companies which are giving the least priority to their marketing, we wish you Good Luck, because we don’t know any other way anyone would succeed in business without a good marketing strategy.

We really don’t know which business is out there flourishing that does not need to be advertised. Even GOOGLE needs marketing.
If you are in Healthcare, Hospitality, eCommerce, Manufacturer, Non-profit org.; you need to understand that if you are running an organization, you would need to do marketing.
The aim of any marketing activity is to earn the trust and loyalty of your target audience. Although there are many profound concepts about marketing, we will stick to simple terminology which covers almost all the major points when it comes to good marketing strategy.

We call it the B.E.E. of Marketing:

1) Brand Awareness

Any organization would need to build an audience. We need to attract people and build our audience through social media and gaining more likes and followers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Having a good number of followers will enable you to reach out to more people and sell your products or services.

  • People need to know about your brand and the solutions it can provide.
  • When anyone needs a service/product pertaining to your field, the first thing to come into their mind is the name of your company.

Social media marketing is your future investment for your company.


2) Events Awareness

Companies need to engage with their audience. This can be done through webinars, summits, educational fairs and more where you are on the front line taking questions from the audience and clearing their doubts about your products and services. Events are prevalent when it comes to the Hospitality industry as they are one of the major sources of their revenue.

  • Hotel Events for Food Fair, Sports Tournaments and more.
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare events for Healthcare Professionals.
  • Events of Educational Institution to promote new courses and getting more students.
  • Promoting webinars to get more attendees and educate them about your products and services.

In no way, a company would be able to optimize its maximum potential for any events until they market themselves about your upcoming events to the public. This can be achieved through Social Media Marketing, Email Newsletters, Hoardings, Brochures, blogs, magazine ads and more.


3) Education

Education is the key to success in any business. Knowledge enables people to understand how your goods or service can benefit them in their life and it develops a sense of trust and loyalty in the heart of viewers towards your brand name.

  • Healthcare websites need to keep Patient Education as the priority and keep posting relevant content.
  • A service-based industry like our-self needs to educate companies about the drawbacks of not investing in marketing.
  • Case studies to show how your products or services have been able to help solve clients problems.

Updating your website and social media with new content and videos is very crucial. However, when you post new content, you need to boost (paid marketing) these content to your target audience or your hard work and money spent on good graphics and content will have a very minimal reach resulting in less exposure and less revenue.

Don’t just work hard, WORK SMART.

All these activities help businesses to build a brand, create trust and get more leads/clients. Building a brand is not an activity but a process.

Companies don’t just succeed because they are providing good services, they prevail because they are able to advertise that they are the best service providers in the industry.

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