Freelancing can be a disaster for your company


Freelancing platforms are one of the most opted services for small work. Many people find it easy to opt for these services as they provide value for money. However, I personally do not agree with this.

To state one of several instances, We had a client who later on opted for a freelancing service for some of his work. Due to some issues, the freelancer screwed up and lost a lot of important data of their website. Our client came asking for our help and it was too late to turn the tables around. All the hard work he had done was lost in a jiff; the damage was so deep that we could not recover his lost data. I am sure we can learn a thing or two from such events while dealing with freelancing services.

If you are a company or someone looking for stability in the longer run, you would need more firm services provided by conventional companies to do your work. Freelancing platforms are merely mediators and have limited liability and control over the work done by freelancers. Here are some loopholes of opting for a one-man show:


1) Quality of work is compromised

Freelancers have more than one project at hand and it is easy to understand that your work may not have proper attention to its minute details. Moreover, freelancers focus on quantity rather than quality for which their clients have to dearly suffer at times.


2) Trusting Access details

You will have to keep changing your access details every now and then. You simply cannot trust a freelancer with your important data and details every time. In brief, Freelancers have no pressure of non-disclosure agreements as compared to a firm.


3) All the projects are not a one-man show

Big projects need a qualified team with sound coordination. Choosing different freelancers will increase miscommunication and waste your time. You have more important things to take care of other than co-ordinating between one or more freelancers. All because you value your money more than time! However, this will have its consequences, ending in the loss of additional money and time which needs fixing due to lack of communication between the subordinate and difference in opinion.


4) Working under pressure is not everyone’s cup of tea

Most of the freelancers literally cannot operate under pressure. Moreover, if they cannot complete your important project on time, you may have to face more loss than your freelancer. As compared to which a company with a dedicated team and resources will be able to take up such challenging tasks more earnestly.


5) Freelances have no structured working methods

Let’s face it, freelancers work without a specific guideline. On the other hand, a company has to follow a set of protocols. Not only does a company have the manpower, but they also have tools and provided timeline to finish their client’s projects.

At MetaOrb we are always a step ahead of our competition and freelancers don’t stand a chance. It is the market that needs to be aware of the consequences of choosing something for the long and short run. If you are looking for a stagnant team to take care of your digital requirements such as Digital marketing, website, mobile app and more, you can connect with us and understand how we can assist you.

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