Master Detail Data Entry Form in PowerBuilder + Sybase Migration


It is important to stay with time and move out of legacy software. Yes, we are talking about migrating from Powerbuilder + Sybase based applications to many sophisticated platforms like Java, .Net, HTML and more. Moving to a new platform provides you with many robust solutions and adapting to new modifications.

While we intend to convert PowerBuilder + Sybase applications to other platforms, most of the companies are unable to figure out solutions to master detail data entry form as a single database transaction. Several are still perplexed and searching over the internet in various forums, however, we have a solution to this problem.

Sybase ASE has many problems in transferring data from client application to data server. And we have the right solution to get such issues resolved. Our solutions are tested and proven.

If you are stuck, connect with our experts and we will help you overcome this phase.

We help our clients to migrate from Powerbuilder to Java, .net, HTML and more platforms in a cost-effective and time savvy manner. If you have requirements related to data migration, we can assist you with a smooth transition.

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