Why Your Google Ads Are Not Generating Enough Leads


Google Ads or also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are one of the most dependable ways to bring direct leads and it is the most efficient and widely used tools for almost all the industrial juggernauts. However, you need to know your way around or you might end up spending more money as compared to the conversation ratio.

To tell you the truth, there are numerous ways in which google ads need to be directed in order to crop up with the required results.

Let’s keep this simple and brief

1. Targeting appropriate audience: You need to have a precise plan about services and the kind of audience that you need to target in your ad campaigns. Your calibration can be based on age, sex, behaviour and N number of factors. You need to do some research and plan your content accordingly. Sometimes, you may even need to run multiple campaigns to see which one is performing better.

2. Keywords and search patterns: Having detailed research as to what keywords will be searched by your preferred audience who would be looking out for your specific services. You need to choose keywords from Broad Match, Phrase Match or an Exact Match to determine the best results. Not understanding how to choose your keywords can make you lose more money without getting proper leads.

3. Preferred Location(s): Is it local, state level, national or international? Not setting up proper parameters will result in additional unwanted expenses without proper conversions. You can even pinpoint locations that you know would be best suited for your services. 

4. Bidding: What is the cost per click? Should you be using a bidding strategy to minimise expenses and get the best outcome for your ad? To take such critical decisions one needs to work out several permutation and combinations to understand the market, ads, competitors and audience. This impacts the positioning of your ad placement; it can either put you ahead of your competition or keep you as runners-up. 

5. Website and Landing Page: Eventually how your website and landing page looks will decide if the targeted prospects would like to go for your services or not. Needless to say, an impeccable website design comes into play here. It is not a part of Google Ads but it is definitely a stellar part of how you are presenting yourself to the audience who are flocking in through ads. 

You need to understand this, Google ads can bring someone to your website, however, how the visitors interact with your website is based upon its user-friendliness, mobile compatibility, website design and most importantly CONTENT. 

Marketing campaigns, Website, Mobile Applications, Reviews and Social Media has an internal connection because an online visitor would go through all these details before willing to submit to you their details or make a choice to buy something from you.

It takes years to gain proficiency in digital advertisements and it would be wise if you leave’em to the experts to focus on what you do best.

If you wish to start with either an effective google ad strategy, a website design or both – you can connect with us and we can explore the possibilities to see how we can bring your charted goals to real-life.

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