Counting the Costs: Why ‘Free’ Isn’t Always Free in Business


In the vast digital landscape, the allure of “free” is undeniable. It’s like a magnetic force pulling us in. As I delve into the realm of online search, navigating through a maze of websites, articles, and blogs, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the abundance of website design companies offering to create your own FREE website.

It’s tempting, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love the idea of getting something for free? But as the old saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” And when it comes to free website design, the catch becomes apparent sooner rather than later.

Sure, these websites boast an array of templates, logo creations, and seemingly endless customization options. But here’s the kicker: the quality often leaves much to be desired. What’s free is often subpar, while the good stuff comes with a price tag attached.

Take a closer look, and you’ll notice another glaring issue: your website’s URL. Instead of a sleek, professional domain, you’re stuck with something like “” It’s hardly a representation of your brand; it’s more like a billboard for someone else’s business.

So why do these companies offer free website services? It’s simple: it’s a business strategy. They lure you in with the promise of something for nothing, only to upsell you on premium features later on or promote their own business via you thinking that you are promoting your website.

But here’s the reality check: your time is valuable. Spending days sifting through mediocre templates and wrestling with clunky design tools is hardly a productive use of your time. And in the end, you’re left with a website that’s anything but satisfying.

That’s where professional help comes in. Yes, it may cost you upfront, but the investment pays off in the long run. A custom-designed website tailored to your needs and vision speaks volumes about your professionalism and dedication to quality to your target audience.

At Metaorb, we pride ourselves on our dedication to client satisfaction. We’re not satisfied until you are, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your website reflects the excellence of your practice.

In the end, the choice is clear: settle for mediocrity with a free website, or invest in excellence with a professional design. Remember, in the world of business, nothing truly comes for free. But with the right investment, you’ll reap rewards that far outweigh the cost. If you want to discuss your options, fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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