Patient Education Is The Key!


Does Your Website Provide What Your Patients Are Looking For?

As a part of my work I surf the net and browse several healthcare websites every day. I see some beautifully designed websites and many pathetic ones. What amazes me more is when I come across websites of good reputed organization lying there in incredibly horrendous stage like an old record played years back and covered with dust.

At times I try to ask if I can get a chance to work for them and get them a good website, mostly the answer I get is they have an IT department who handles that. Well usually I never call people who have good websites. You may want to see couple of websites out there and ask your IT Department what they are doing?

Your website is very important to show your patient/visitors about the abilities you have in your field, what your patients think about you (testimonials), about your services, staff etc. If you don’t have a good website, people may not consider your services. You never know if people would in fact not come to you and choose some other services/products over yours.

Providers have a very tied up schedule and most of times people working for doctors don’t realize that what a doctor may or may not need. Having a good office manager who is active in managing office and bringing new ideas is a boon or it will be a big headache for a Provider to look into all the minutes for himself. A website is a part of your office and usually if its taken care by your office manager its best.

With this article I want to increase the awareness in providers and connected people to have a look at their existing online image and understand the importance of having a strong digital foot print.
You can check few of the below points on your website to know if it has good potential:

-Patient Centered (proper information / fonts / content)
-Information About FAQ / Symptoms etc related to your specialty
-Images & Videos
-Online Forms
-Mobile Friendly Design (latest design)
-Social Media Tabs
-Contact Information (Phone / Address / Patient Portal / Available Hrs)
-Blogs / Publication
-News etc

If you have access to your back end of the website you can look out for few of the points below:

-Meta Tags / Meta Description for every page (this helps in SEO and makes your website more searchable)
-Editable CMS (Content Management System)
-Editable Banners etc

*(these are basic things you can see on back end easily, I am not posting much technical points as providers/related members may not be aware about all technical aspects)

Having a good website is not a rocket science, but knowing that you need one is!
We wish to enable more and more providers with amazing websites that can serve their purpose of treating more patients and the initial step to do this is having a good first impression on your online visitors.
We are not going to give you something that you done like. So a quick 10-15 mins meeting will enable you to understand what we can do for you.