What is wrong with your website!


From healthcare providers, big companies to small stores; Everyone has a website. A website is not just a formality but a tool to be optimized for any organization to gain goodwill and generate more business by providing great information to its online visitors.

Every company spends a good amount of money on web design and believe that their target audience is waiting just around the next corner, waiting to visit your website and desperate to buy your product/services. Just the way you have watched in advertisements of website hosting companies!

Sorry to let you know, it doesn’t work like that. It never did and it never will.

We come across several websites that fail to create an impact on its visitors. We will give you some basic information that can help you have a better understanding of how online media works towards the dedicated goals of your company.


1) Crafting website for your audience

The first step is to understand your target market, who they are and how your product/services can be beneficial for the targetted audience. You have to design your website understanding your niche segment and the kind of information they would prefer to read online.

– A healthcare website should have patient-centered content and a clean design

– An e-commerce website serving to different communities can be multilingual.

– A motivational speaker can have bright colors and happy images with short motivational videos on its landing page.


2) Rich Content

Very often we come across websites that are way too flashy. However, when we start reading the content. It just doesn’t make any sense. That’s because websites keep boasting about their own services and customer satisfaction, rather than writing about the solutions it can offer to the people.

– Talk about the problems your company can provide to its niche audience.

– List down some case studies that can make the audience feel more connected and inclined to avail your services.


3) Mobile Compatibility

A lot of websites are still not mobile compatible. More than 60% of online activity is done through mobiles, not having a good mobile compatible website means you are having a high bounce ratio (a visitor comes to your website and leaves without checking out further sections/pages of your website because they are unable to read the content in proper format).

– Make sure your web design is mobile compatible or you won’t get the best results out of your online marketing

-Ensure quick loading time for the website on desktop and mobiles.


4) Intelligent design

This is a concept where most likely many web design company fail. An intelligent design needs a thorough research and good experience.

A website with an Intelligent design not only looks amazing, it also provides the viewer with relevant information in as many as fewer clicks possible. The website is able to do proper closure with relevant information in place and generate a lead for your company. This sounds easy, you wish it really was!

– Internal website linking providing required information for the viewer to surf through different pages of your website.

– Understanding that all website are not same and designing your online presence in detail to make sure that your targeted audience feels its all about them.


5) Website traffic

Make sure your website is integrated with google analytics or other tools that can measure the traffic on your website. This will help you understand how your ongoing marketing activities are generating traffic on your website.



6) Basic Marketing Activities

One of the most basic marketing activities on your website would be SEO (Search engine optimization) and creating new content to publish on your website and social media. We always recommend paid marketing activities to our clients if they wish to create a brand awareness for their company. When you want to sell something that is going to earn you good revenue. You need to invest in marketing because money attracts money.

– One of the most basic things to work on for any website is SEO (Search engine optimization).

-Social media management and promotions for relevant events is always encouraged


We will shortly write another blog on Data-Driven Digital Marketing (Advanced marketing activities) 


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