Upcoming Elections & Political Campaigns


My phone is constantly buzzing with forwards of images videos and texts on what so ever social media apps stoically making me a part of the political campaigns for upcoming elections in my state. And I ask myself why not? When the only agenda for any party is to grab the attention of the people and politics is nothing fancy but for people and by people. What I also notice is that the election season keeps many IT professionals busy from content writing and creation to graphical and video editors the political candidates and parties are leaving no stone unturned to campaign as if it’s their last.


Unprecedented ideas, content and public relations are the norms now and the consultants as well as robust IT cells of political parties either paid or volunteering burns their midnight oil to execute those ideas. From state elections to National elections the political campaigning on the internet and social media is being considered as normal though the approach is traditional i.e. to make people aware of the Government actions, policies, and manifestos. Psychology also becomes the favorite sport of the political consultants and content creators where realities are showcased than what’s on paper.

What scares me as a citizen is that the people are not being confused but their conformity is polarized, political inclinations are being bent and broken in the myriad of ways.

Centre of the stage is being taken by political consultants, Public Relations firm and advertisement firms and a candidate’s success is no longer dependent on his reputation and work but rather on his political consultants and campaign team.

The story of Andres Sepulveda “How to hack an Election” is a perfect example of what I want to convey. The problem with the Mexico election was that the opposition political party was not as vigilant or lacked the talent engaged by the clients of Sepulveda. There will be a lot of ifs and buts if more vigilance is poured in campaigning besides obviously campaigning. In such cut-throat scenario choosing the right consultants and campaigning team is the only option who can help raise the bar of vigilance during campaigning so also help the political candidate and parties to achieve demographics targets within their budget. An efficient campaign team also goes miles ahead in online fundraising and establishing online medium and platform for raising campaign funds.

An efficient campaign team established 6 months prior to the elections can help any political party or candidate in the following aspects:

  • Data/Content creation (Audio, interviews, reports, Videos, Images and A/V editing also GIF’s)
  • Help the client get ready for the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Quora, and other social media platforms.
  • Engage with audience and answer their questions

Building a good public image and clearing all their doubts about their party is a top priority and will help to a great extent in acquiring public trust in the times of elections.

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