SEO Starts With Website Design


If you are thinking that you’d first design your website and then work on SEO, you are making committing an error that you’ll later regret. If you are serious about long-term goals for your business and digital outreach, you need to think about SEO even before you start designing your website.

Here are a few basic things to know about SEO and website design.

1) Website Loading Speed / Page Speed

How fast does your website load on mobile and desktop? If it takes time then automatically it won’t fit in the algorithms of ranking high. This eventually depends on the functionalities of the page, images, and its framework.

You can check your website loading speed stats on

2) Mobile-friendliness

One of the most crucial factors here is to make sure that your website is mobile competitive and provides a seamless user experience on both mobile and desktop. If your website is not responsive, the google algorithms will detect that, and eventually, the outcome is going to be reflected in how your website is ranked.

3) Content 

How much time viewers spend on your website depends on the kind of content/images you post. I can recall many times to have gone into a website and then bounce out within 30 seconds if the information does not match what I am looking for. Make sure you post things that people are looking for. You also need to use trending keywords in your content and various other fields to be able to get detected by search engines.

4) Theme VS Custom Design

This is tricky because if you were to look from a pricing perspective, you can easily purchase a theme. However, what you don’t know while buying is that the themes are usually loaded with codes that can make your website heavy and eventually take a toll when it comes to your search engines. On the other hand, a customized website can be lite and has a higher chance of improving your rankings.

There are several other factors that come into account such as site architecture, understanding the right keywords, choosing the right URL, codes, and more.

The final take away – SEO starts with website design. Doing it any later means you would have blown a fair amount of money and time on things that will eventually not reap your desired results within a stipulated timeframe.

Paid marketing is inevitable, however, a well-planned website with effictive SEO will reduce a lot burden of your marketing budget.

If you are reading this before you planned on designing your website, you are probably saved. If you’ve already commented on this sin, it’s still not too late to get a new website and start it all over again. Your main goal is to focus on selling your services and products and leaving the design to people like us who know what we are doing.

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