Template Website Or Custom Website – What is best for your online needs?


When it comes to creating or redesigning websites we look out for the best available and affordable options.

It’s obvious we want an affordable option and save some money.

However, while saving money we are most likely compromising our online needs. Understanding that having a good online presence will help you lay down a good impression for your business/clinic that leverages your efficiency is very important.


Do you think that a template based website can be a successful model for your business?

Just because it looks like it fits in your budget does not mean that it fits your online goals. A website has to serve a purpose to the company by giving relevant and useful information to its visitors framed in good design and graphics.

A template website is like buying a ready-made suit. You can wear it but it won’t look or feel elegant. Having a suit just made for you has a great comfort level and it is same with the website.

We have been working with C2C and B2B industries for several years. We have recognized events that can turn the tables around and how every CLICK on your website makes difference to your business.

Let’s list down some basic Pros and Cons of Template and Custom Designed websites.


Template Websites
Pros :

  • It’s cheap and more than that you can also get free templates for your website.
  • The template is ready and you just need to fit in your content.
  • It is useful when you literally don’t have a budget and just want to list your business online.
  • You’re the boss and you’re the employee. If you want to change things! you can do it yourself whenever you want. Anytime anywhere.


Cons :

  • You may not know the concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and may not be able to bring your website on top rankings as compared to your competitors.
  • Imagine other companies using a similar template as yours. Giving a bad impression of your business.
  • Your competitors may have a better website design as compared to yours. To be better than your competition, you need to be two steps ahead and represent yourself in an elegant way.
  • Template designs are not attractive and may fail to keep your users on the website for a long time. Making them lose interest.
  • The biggest drawback of a template website is its feasibility to modify the design.


Custom Designed Websites
Pros :

  • Hiring professionals have its own perks you can make things work your way. You are the king, you have paid for the services and this has its own fun.
  • Your website will stand out from its competitors and create a brand image that attracts your targetted audience.
  • Our experience and your ideas combined will create a website with intelligent design, this will help provide relevant information to the website visitors.
  • We will assist you with Meta tags, initial SEO
  • You will be provided training on how to operate the website (Content Management System) yourself. No need to worry about making small changes on the website.


Cons :

  • It costs more than a template website.
  • The ETA for completing the website is more as everything has to be designed. A customized website can be designed and made live within the time frame of 45 days, considering client has all the required details.


Who should opt for template websites?

Any startup with limited funds, who needs to have basic information online.


Who should opt for Custom Designed Website?

Any established business/clinics, professionals, e-commerce, lawyers etc who wish to have a brand name and has a lot of competition should opt for these websites to stand apart from the rest and attract their targetted audience.


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