SEO wont make your website look good!


We develop and design websites for healthcare providers and I have dealt with various providers and business organizations who are not clear with concepts of SEO (Search engine Optimization), market search, SEO rules, SEO White Hat and Black Hat techniques, Meta tags, Meta description, your targeted market segment, website viewers point of view etc,.

What can actually help have a better website to thrive and help achieve goals of their organization?

What can actually help have a better website to thrive and help achieve goals of their organization?

Every one wants SEO for their website. It is a very important part of a business to have a website and plus having an SEO that can list them on top while viewers search for a specific service(s).

Some of the people I have met believed few of the following things:

I want my company and services to be there on the top of the list when some one searches for a my specific service(s), area wise, etc. Main aim is to be there on the TOP. SEO can help me do this and stay there on top of the list.
My business will grow two to three folds.
It will help social media marketing and people will just fall for my business and services.
With SEO my company/services stand apart rest of the competitors.
I can go in market, hire an SEO services as these services are available at a cheaper rate with other packaged services. I AM GOING TO BE FAMOUS!

If you thought any of the above things, you are living in a fairy land.

Would you like to invite any one at your place if it’s dirty or not good looking? No right! Then before you work for SEO on your website you need to make sure it’s presentable. SEO only helps attract visitors. But if you don’t have a good website a visitor has no reason to stay back and see all the details of your services/products.

A bad website with a good SEO wont help. Websites should be good and presentable with proper images, content, presentable fonts, online forms, information etc. If it looks good people will stay on it and eventually your services and product has more chances of getting sold.

You have a bad website and even if its listed on top of the search list. One would just pop in your website, have a glimpse of your front page and if they are not impressed with what they see… They will be gone within 30 seconds. SEO wont do you any good here. Hopefully these little things I have mentioned here will help you realize how important it is to have a tactical website before you want an SEO.

Another thing is when you have SEO it wont take you right away on the top. There are rules of search engines like google,, bing etc. which measures website for its contents, back links, meta tags, meta description, how many people have visited a particular website, etc which helps determine the place on which a website will appear on google search. SEO is a very sophisticated thing which will work best when you have the latest design and keep your website updated.

It wont be worth investing in an SEO unless you actually have a good & intelligent website design that suits your needs.