Our Testimonials

Great things are done by a series of small things.
Work is excellent and highest quality. I have received many compliments on the ‘professional’ quality of the website. Jack has been particularly exceptional to work with. His attention to detail and the quality he insists upon is unsurpassed. Thank you very much for your creativity, vision, and technical expertise in developing my website!
Dr. James Kneller
James Kneller MD
January 01, 2017
Jack and his company provided quality, value oriented work and was easy to communicated our needs and feedback to as our site rolled out. Would use him again.
Dr. Don Ketterhagen
Ketter Health
January 01, 2017
Provided extra effort to make sure the website was created to my satisfaction. Urvil showed enthusiasm and initiative, reflecting a high standard of customer service.
Dr. Jose Monsivais
Hand Microsurgery of El Paso
January 01, 2017
Jack the man behind the website and social media platform for COOP! Check him out on FB! He specializes in physicians but I know he can do it all.
Dr William A. Cooper
Dr. Coop MD
January 05, 2017
Got to give it to these guys, villalobby is excellently made. I mean I am not just talking about its overall looks but even the backend is made in such a way that all that even the complex of my problems are made simple. Recommend MetaOrb for designing and their marketing (SEO, PPC) campaigns. Thank you
Pooja Jain
Founder  –
January 12, 2020