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Great things are done by a series of small things.


September 26, 2018 admin

Although many Healthcare providers have started using EMR, many have still not been able to come up with elegant interconnectivity and they still have to use orthodox methods to get in touch with different departments for coordination.

For instance, if your patient requires assistance like a wheel-chair or a stretcher, how do you inform your staff? Let me guess! You make a call or ring a bell! Don’t you think this is old school?

-With just one click in our HMS system, your staff is notified what you need when you’re consulting with your patient. Yes, you read it right, all it takes is a click.

-In cases where you want to leave a particular message for a staff member or for a patient, you can easily leave a message in our EMR which makes your day to day coordination easy.

-You can put notes for all the waived off charges when you see some specific patients who are your friends or family.

If your EMR is not making your life easy, you better get a new EMR because this you can switch.

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November 22, 2017 admin

We are fine, we don't need marketing! A statement much heard by any marketing company. If you are one of those companies which are giving least priority to their marketing, we wish you Good Luck, because we don't know any other way anyone would succeed in business without a good marketing strategy.


November 11, 2017 admin

My phone is constantly buzzing with forwards of images videos and texts on what so ever social media apps stoically making me a part of the political campaigns for upcoming elections in my state. And I ask myself why not? When the only agenda for any party is to grab the attention of the people and politics is nothing fancy but for people and by people.


October 23, 2017 admin

We expertise in developing custom websites which focus on patient education and user-friendly design. I am sure you come across several website companies. What makes us so different! We have been working with healthcare since a decade on several projects. We know how to build a bridge between physicians and patients online that will work serving both ways. If that's not enough. Let us shed some light on benefits of Custom Design.


January 1, 2017 admin

With more and more business, profession and organizations having online presence and website it becomes competitive and challenging enough to market your website and be there on the top. If you know about a website or own a website, by now you are likely to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).